Degree Programs

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Biological Sciences

Degrees: Biology (B.S. concentrations in: Aquatic Biology, Botany, General Biology); Biology/Teaching (B.S.); Biomedical Sciences, (B.S. concentrations in: Biomedical Research, Pre-Dental, Pre-Medical, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Veterinary); Wildlife Management (B.S.); Biology (M.S. concentrations in: Applied Ecology, General Biology).
Minor: Biology.

Chemistry (and Forensic Science)

Degrees: Chemistry (B.A. concentrations in: Chemistry; Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dental, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pathology Assistant, Pre-Medical; Chemistry Teaching, or Fermentation Science); Chemistry (B.S. concentrations in: Biochemistry, Pre-Medical, or Pre-Dental; Chemistry); Chemistry (M.S.).
    Forensic Science: Forensic Science (B.S. concentrations in: Forensic Chemistry; Forensic Biology);
Accelerated 3+2 Dual Degree Program: Chemistry (B.A. concentrations in: Chemistry; Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dental, Pre Optometry, Pre-Pathology Assistant, or Pre-Medical; Chemistry Teaching) + Chemistry (M.S.); Chemistry (B.S. concentrations in Biochemistry, Pre-Medical, or Pre-Dental; Chemistry) + Chemistry, (M.S.).
    Forensic Science: Forensic Science (B.S. concentrations in Forensic Chemistry; Forensic Biology) + Chemistry, (M.S.).
Minors: Chemistry, Chemistry Teaching, Forensic Science.

Computer Science

Degrees: Computer Science (B.S. concentrations in: Computer Science (General); Bioinformatics; Computer Forensics and Security; Computer Technology; Interactive Multimedia; Statistical Computing); Applied Computing (M.S. concentrations in: Bioinformatics; Business Computing; Industrial Computing; Software Engineering & Computer Security, Statistical Computing).
Minors: Computer Science, Informatics, Interactive Multimedia.
Certificate: Productivity, Innovation, and Technology.

Geoscience (Geography & Geology)

Degrees: General Studies (A.G.S. concentrations in: Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Geology); Earth Science/Teaching (B.S.); Geography (B.A.); Geology (B.S. concentrations in: Academic, Professional).
Minors: Earth Science/Teaching, Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Geology.
Certificate: Geographic Information Systems

Mathematics & Statistics

Degrees: General Studies (A.G.S. concentration in: Mathematical Sciences); Mathematics (B.S.); Mathematics/Teaching (B.S. concentrations in: Mathematics Teaching; Computer Science/Mathematics Teaching); Statistics (B.S.); Applied Mathematics (M.A. concentrations in: Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Secondary MathematicsMathematical Sciences (M.S. concentrations in: Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics).
Accelerated 3+2 Dual Degree Program: Mathematics (B.S.) + Mathematical Sciences (M.S. concentrations in: Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics).
Minors: Actuarial Science, Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematics/Teaching, Statistics.

Physics & Astronomy

Degrees: Science for Engineering (A.A.S.); General Studies (A.G.S. concentration in: Physics & Engineering); Physics (B.S. concentrations in: General Physics; Engineering Physics); Physics/Teaching (B.S.).
Minors: Physics & Physics/Teaching.

Pre-Professional Programs

EKU has a number of programs that will help prepare students for professional schools following graduation.  These schools generally do not require a specific major, provided that their prerequisite courses are taken.  All professional schools are highly competitive in their admissions process.  Thus, students should aim for strong GPA and professional school admission test scores. Students are encouraged to seek a major that they feel comfortable with, that they have a strong aptitude for, that is interesting and challenging, and that provides additional career options.

The College of Science currently offers Pre-Professional Offerings in: Pre-Medical Sciences, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and Pre-Engineering.

For more information regarding the Pre-Professional programs offered by the College of Science, please visit our Pre-Professional Programs page.