Long Time EKU Custodian Says Goodbye!

Edna Renfro with President Benson, Tom Otieno and Jessica Hawksley

Edna Renfro has been a mainstay in the Roark, Moore, and Memorial Science Buildings for the past five years but today she says "Good-bye EKU, hello retirement".

Edna came to EKU in 1988, starting out in McGregor Hall.  Since her transfer to the Roark, Moore, and Memorial Science Buildings in 2011, she has worked tirelessly to make sure all the faculty, staff, and students had clean offices and classrooms and that the floors maintained a shine.  She also came in many times after hours during emergencies and has worked at graduation and for special events.  No matter what time of day you would see her around the hallways, she always had a huge smile on her face and a kind word to all who passed by. 

When asked what her plans were after retirement she said "Babysit my beautiful grandbabies and work part-time at Hardees.  I'm most looking forward to being able to spend time with my grandbabies".

Edna will definitely be missed, but the College of Science wishes her the best of luck and happiness!  Thanks Edna!

Published on December 16, 2016