Advising Forms

Listed below are forms that are frequently used within the College of Letters, Arts, & Social Sciences. These forms are available on-line for your convenience and should be returned to the corresponding office once the appropriate signatures have been obtained.

For more forms pertaining to students, please visit

  • To request an override (including capacity, pre-requisite, co-requisite, test score, repeat policy, program restriction or time conflict, hours overload, major restriction, class restriction or Chair's approval) you must go to the departmental web sites and click on Override Request at the top of the page. Repeat Overrides, except for those involving developmental courses, must be submitted through the department of your major after consulting with your advisor.

Form NameRequest for Late Enrollment
Use form for:  adding classes beyond the registration deadline, (for extenuating circumstances ONLY).
Return completed form to:  Associate Dean, Science 1228

Form Name:  Audit/Grade Mode Form
Use form for:  changing to audit or pass/fail mode
Return completed form to:  Associate Dean, Science 1228

Form Name:  Independent Study Proposal Form
Use form for:  students seeking credit for individualized study and research programs. MUST BE APPROVED BY DEPARTMENT AND A FACULTY MEMBER BEFORE SUBMITTING TO ASSISTANT DEAN!!!!
Return completed and approved form to:  Associate Dean, Science 1228