EKU College of Science Celebrates Diversity

The College of Science at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) has initiated a program to promote awareness of, and celebrate, diversity in STEM.

The initiative entails an exhibition of different aspects of diversity in STEM disciplines on a wall in the atrium of the science building, the busiest and most visible part of the building. Each exhibit typically lasts for a month. On the display, two representative STEM practitioners from a specified diverse population are selected to represent each department in the College of Science. Through a written narrative and 3-D displays, we share their challenges and accomplishments to educate and inspire prospective students and the community at large, and to honor those diverse scientists, engineers, and mathematicians who have impacted their profession in positive ways.

For those who cannot visit the Science Building atrium in person, the information that has been included in the display case can be found below.

August 2019: EKU Faculty

September 2019: Hispanic/Latinx Heritage

October 2019: LGBT Heritage

November 2010: Indigenous People/First Nations Heritage

January 2020:  Disability Awareness