Claire Crouch

June 2017

What is the best thing about being a math major? According to Claire Crouch, “For me, it’s a puzzle…it’s getting to look at a puzzle every single day. It’s a different mystery to figure out and then I get to teach others how to figure it out too.”

Claire is from Danville, KY and attended Danville Christian Academy. She is an EKU Regents scholarship recipient and earned the Central Kentucky youth leadership and Boyle County youth leadership awards. She started at EKU in fall 2015 and is a double major in Math and French.

Claire has an especially interesting background in that her first language was sign language and her second language is spoken English. She has a deaf father and hearing mother. This is perhaps why she tends to have an interest in learning other languages and went on to also learn Japanese and French.

When looking at colleges, Claire considered EKU and Cedarville College in Ohio. She said she ultimately chose EKU because “EKU has everything I wanted, was closer to home, and also had a ‘home’ feel to it.”

Thanks to support from her high school math teacher, Claire began tutoring math as early as high school. She said “it was terrifying at first, but the more I did it the more I realized I loved showing someone how to break a problem down and put it back together again.” Claire continues her tutoring here at EKU as a senior math tutor. As a senior tutor, she supervises other tutors and works more hours than regular tutors. She is also involved in the Math and French clubs and a member of Baptist Student Union. She also puts her American Sign Language skills to work interpreting for BCM and others.

Initially, Claire was interested in teaching high school. However, after tutoring at the college level, she is considering going to graduate school to earn a masters and Ph.D. and wants to pursue college teaching. She will also consider becoming a translator/interpreter full- or part-time after graduation.

Claire said that independence is what she has learned the most at EKU so far. “Once you get on your own, your faith becomes your own... I didn’t know what it took for me to do something until I had to do it on my own.”

In her spare time Claire builds metal models. When asked “models of what?” she said “of anything I can find…” She went on to explain that her father is an engineer so she gained from him a curiosity to figure things out. She also has an artistic side and experiments with painting for fun. Claire plans to graduate in May 2019.

Published on June 01, 2017