Jesse Keyes

October 2019

Jesse Keyes was raised in Harrogate, TN until high school and Barbourville, KY throughout high school. Though both of these places are very small towns, he was eager to live and study in a slightly larger place like Richmond.

As Jesse went through high school, he was involved every year in the Foster music program at EKU. Because of this experience, he was very comfortable and aware of the environment at EKU. After he graduated high school, it seemed like a natural next step to attend EKU. He decided to major in Mathematics. 

Jesse received an academic scholarship from the university, and was awarded some aid for the Spring 2019 semester in order to travel to Europe for study abroad.

Outside of class, Jesse is very involved with the Algebra Seminar hosted by Dr. Steve Szabo. This semester he will present material weekly to the seminar group. During the summer, he also completed research with Dr. Szabo.

Jesse said “During my time at EKU, I would say that one thing I have learned the most is that I love academia. Aspects of being in academia varying as much as tutoring, being in class, researching, and conversing with professors are all things I very much enjoy. Because of this, I hope that even after my time as a student I remain involved in academia.”

After he graduates, Jesse plans to pursue a Ph.D in mathematics in order to teach at the university level or do research full-time.

Published on September 30, 2019